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Our sound advice and knowledge to get you trained and ready for a job on a super yacht is built on first-hand experience working on Mega Yachts. We can offer you answers to all of your questions about the Super Yacht industry!


Super yachting is an industry where the rich and famous of the world come to play, and do business. As such, you will be required to offer top 5* service, work long hours in the department you choose (more about that in the info talk), and look good doing it!

To get into this industry you will need to get some basic courses done as a minimum, head over to Europe, and start looking for work – all of which is NOT guaranteed to result in a job!

Your reward for all the effort and money put in, is an amazing salary and experiences of a lifetime. SA Yachties is here to give you some sound advice and tell you all about the details of yachting – before you go book expensive courses, only to find out maybe its not for you!

We are offering a really great, in depth look at yachting for each department – Stewardess (waitress/cleaner/housekeeper), Chef (food slave 😉 ), Deckhand (think.. washing 100 cars a day, and you are almost there), engineer (works under the boat, isn’t so pretty, cleans the pipes (yuk!), makes sure the boat moves and gets paid a lot to do it!).

If you’d like to know more about your particular field, please take a look at the preview to our videos.


It is not easy to get onto Super Yachts and the requirements are a lot more strict and specific than to those on Cruise Ships. Here is a list of non-negotiable requirements as well as added skills that will make getting a Super Yacht Job that much easier…

Must have’s:

  • English First Language

  • Swimming ability

  • Money for courses, plane tickets and accommodation while looking for a job (+ – R100 000!!)

  • Valid Passport

Added Skills that will be beneficial (Any of these will help you in getting work on a Super Yacht):

  • EU Passport

  • Speaking another language (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian)

  • Water sports (Diving, snorkeling, Jet Ski, Water skiing, Surfing, Kite Surfing, etc)

  • Carpentry

  • Qualified Chef

  • Beautician

  • Hairdresser

  • Modeling

  • Sailing / skippers license

  • Yoga/Pilates/Gym instructor

  • Hospitality experience (5* Hotel/Restaurant)

  • Electrical/ Marine engineering

  • Private Security / helicopter training

  • Butler training

  • Nurse / medic

  • Previous boat experience (eg Cruise liners)

  • Diving / fishing

We have visa offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and a sister office in Antibes, France called Global Yachties, seaman’s visas, seaman’s books, and crew services.

Please visit www.globalyachties.com.
You are also welcome to email info@globalyachties.com if you need:

  • A sim card (arranged 7 days before you arrive) – 19.99 (100gigs internet & *Free calls)
  • CV editing – 20 euros
  • Airport transfers – Cost varies
  • Antibes orientation (a guided walk around Antibes to get you settled)
  • Luggage storage – for those who have packed too much – 1 euro per day
  • Offshore bank accounts (this is done when you have found a job)
  • And much more!

*T’s & C’s apply

For recruitment please register on www.twwcrew.com (this is our partner recruitment company based in Antibes)