mom and daughter

Europe is a lot safer than South Africa but like all places it is good to avoid places like train and bus stations after dark. Most crime is petty crime like mugging or stealing of phones on the train so make sure you keep an eye out.

Yes she should register with lots of agency sites and especially YotSpot.

Just the cv. Business cards are a good idea for when she’s out and about and meeting people casually, certificates will be sent when a captain contacts them.

No agent will/or is allowed to take a fee from the person being employed. Please do NOT pay an agent to place your child!

  • Make copies of all certificates and keep them on email in case hard drives failure
  • Certify a copy of passport and birth certificate
  • Certify all STCW certificate copies
  • Have a on body money pouch for passport and cash – there are many pick pockets on trains
  • Pack lightly – you will get all the uniform you need
  • Pack in a soft bag
  • Pack comfortable shoes for walking
  • Take your laptop and smart phone
  • Get a sim card
  • Look at our 60 tips for more advise

Antibes is the yachting hub where everyone flocks as the beginning of the summer season March-May. It is a beautiful little town with beaches, lots of English bars/restaurants. All the businesses are geared up for yachting offering services and products to support the massive industry. You can comfortably walk around the town, so no need for a car. You can also catch an Uber for 6-8euros to Juan les Pins the neighbouring town. Trains are easily accessible and so are busses.

It is very unusual for someone to get hired from home for their first job. However after they have done a season or two captains will be far more relaxed and consider hiring from SA. If you have a special skill such as massage or hair dressing you might be lucky.

Stay out of it and let them be adults and arrange their own trip as no captain wants to hire a child. At some point you need to let go of their hand… now is the time, best place to start is buy an info talk.

18 Years old. However we do suggest letting a young person get some work/life experience before joining the yachting industry.

Most boats will be equipped with very fast internet so use email, WhatsApp and if they are going to do a crossing and out of signal you can ask them for the VSAT telephone number which is a satellite phone. You can also track the boat using its name on a site called Marine traffic.

It is a very expensive gap year as your qualifications cost a lot. We would recommend a summer camps or Ski seasons for a gap year as it will cost you loads less. If you want to do yachting you could have them do one year (gap) and then back on yachts after university.

All vessels need certification to sail. Rules are more stringent on commercial/ charter boats but the answer is yes they are safe and fully equipped with lifesaving and firefighting gear.

Crew houses or shared apartments.

There is no way to guarantee getting a job. You need to have the right character and personality to get a job as well as being in the right place at the right time.

The Crew Grapevine I would say is the best crew house in Antibes.