Booking your yachting courses is not as simple as you may think. There are a LOT of courses out there, some are worth it, some are not. You also need to think about your goals, budget, and personal experience, before you just go ahead with any old course! Let us help you figure out which you should do! We suggest: watching the info talk video (here), emailing Sam or David with additional questions, and then filling in the form below so we can get you some dates and prices.. and remember, we don’t charge you any more than the schools will, we are just here to help!


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Why not go on an adventure and get your courses done at the same time? Or team it up with a yoga course? Or get fit and into shape before your season by doing a muay thai training camp before or after your courses? The facilities in Thailand have been checked out by SA Yachties in person, and we were very impressed to say the least!

What’s included?
Onsite Crew accommodation, all-inclusive food and drink, branded uniform, UK & International qualifications & certificates, WIFI, laundry, course material, Airport transfers. There are no hidden fees once arriving to the campus.

How to get a quote?
Use the beginner course form above and choose any of the courses you are interested in with the latters ‘THA’.