South African Yachties can assist in getting you a seaman’s discharge book, if you have a job on a seagoing vessel that travels more than 8 miles offshore.

Seaman’s books are useful for logging sea service, seaman’s fares (extra luggage on flights that accommodate seafarers), as a second form of identification, visa applications – for those that need visas… most consulates will ask for you to show your seaman’s book.

You can either get a seaman’s book from your country of residence (if that country is able to provide seaman’s books), OR you can apply through your current boats flag state – that means that you have to be employed on a vessel in order to apply through their flag state… you can’t choose any seaman’s book.

  • STEP 1 is to find a job on a boat.

  • STEP 2 is to find out from your captain what the flag state of the vessel is

  • STEP 3 is to find out if he prefers if you have a book from the flag state or from your country of residence.

  • STEP 4 is to fill in the form below for a SAMSA application, or go to Global Yachties site to get more info on any of the other seaman’s books.

Details below:

€95.00 (US$100) per book issued + our fee of €50.

You will also need to pay for delivery add €60.00 for French delivery,  if it is to be sent outside of France please add €60.00.

These books are submitted on Fridays only and collected the following Friday. (Depending on the time of year this can change to 2 weeks)

The cost is £75 + our fee of €50.

Courier cost is an extra £32 within France (please request a quote for outside of France).

These applications are submitted any day of the week and take 2 days for processing, and around 2 days to send by courier. (Please note they can be posted for a small fee – but you will not know when it will arrive as there is no tracking number.

Fee is £40.00 + €50. You will also pay to get it to the office in the UK (around €25), and to have it returned – around €40 in France.

These applications are submitted on Thursdays and take around a week to 10 days to receive.

Fee is 155 Euros including delivery to mainland Europe. The book takes around 2 weeks.

We charge R1700 for the book and delivery costs to you, if you require the book sent overseas it is a R500 additional cost. Local SOUTH AFRICAN delivery is R200.

Peak season books take 7-14 days to process (SAMSA books can incur unforeseen delays due to load shedding, book shortages, etc). Out of season they can take as little as 5 days. Delivery from JHB to France takes 4 days.

If this is the book you would like, please fill in the form below.