Thank you for your interest in our visa services… below you will find some additional information. Once you have confirmed that you would like to go ahead by filling out this FORM, we will send you an invoice link and legal documents to sign.

*Please note we do NOT guarantee visas and they are issued entirely at the discretion of the consulate.

  • We will assist with the paperwork needed, you need to gather the documents on the list we send you.
  • You will not have to lie about your intentions for going overseas.
  • Info for accommodation in France – we will give you a list of crew houses to book with (availability may affect your trip dates so book this as soon as possible, but please not before you have had a chat with us first!).
  • Flight deals from STA Travel corporate division, given exclusively to SA Yachties clients (see below).
  • Included in our Sa Yachties service fee (R3250): – Is also a detailed webinar or skype roughly 45 min to explain the paperwork required for your visa application. A Q&A is held afterwards with one of our senior visa agents, to answer any questions you may have. This step of the process is essential and cannot be skipped.
  • Sa Yachties service fee of R3420 ex VAT
  • Capago fee – this fee is subject to change and will need to be paid directly to Capago on the day of your visa appointment by you in person. The Capago fee is +- R2000 (determined by Rand/Euro exchange rate) to be paid by card only.
  • If I am submitting your application on your behalf, I will add the Capago fee to your initial invoice.
  • Accommodation – you will need to book accommodation for the duration of your stay. If you decide to stay in a crew house, please remember that you will accept and pay ALL charges as the crew houses need full payment in their accounts. (You will also be required to pay a 50 Euro security deposit on arrival).
  • Postnet fees to courier documents to our JHB/CT office if you will not be present at your visa appointment.
  • Printing of any outstanding documentation.
  • Printing of passport photo’s if they arrive and they are wrong.
  • We encourage you to collect your passport from our JHB/CT office in person however if you want your passport couriered back to you, you will be charged for the courier fee.
  • Flights/transport to our offices should you need to appear in person. Sometimes even when biometrics have previously been captured they may not be found. In this case you will need to come to the visa centre to re capture. This is not included in the SA Yachties prices.
  • Valid South African passport in good condition, with at least 2 valid blank pages opposite each other. Passport expiry nothing before 2020.
  • You need to be at your visa appointment in person (if you’ve not previously had your biometrics captured).
  • Proof of at least R90 000 or more in your bank account or that of a sponsor (to be discussed in Skype call).
  • Flights – we use STA Travel as they will supply a confirmed flight with a R1000 *refundable deposit.
  • Accommodation deposit (+- 450 euro) paid for your booked duration of stay.
  • We are a 3rd party visa agent dealing only with visa applications. We do NOT guarantee the outcome of a visa application in any way.
  • We can only advise you on what standard documentation the embassy requires – should they require more for your particular case this will be handled on a case by case basis and we cannot pre-determine this.
  • We do not include the Capago visa fee, flights, accommodation costs or any other cost relating to the visa application.
  • The R3250 is our service fee alone.
  • We do not guarantee that you will get a job once you arrive in France. This is up to YOU.
  • We cannot guarantee how long your visa will be valid for – this is entirely at the discretion of the embassy. The usual validity issued is 90 days valid for 3 months / 4 months.
  • We do not guarantee the availability of accommodation or flights. Once payment to SA Yachties has been made, we suggest you book these as soon as possible. Please chat to us FIRST about the requirements for flights and accommodation before booking and paying on your own accord. We recommend that you use our preferred suppliers however you don’t have to – if you’d prefer to use your own travel agent for flights and accommodation please be sure to check that the invoices or flights are correct BEFORE making payment.

*Refundable – please ask to see STA Travel’s terms and conditions.
Please click here to fill in this form and send it to us online.


Visas for crew in Europe needing to extend their visas:

If you are employed on a yacht and need a new Schengen visa, we can assist you with all your paperwork before you leave, so that on arrival in South Africa you will have the shortest possible turnaround time. You can visit friends or family, do a short course or simply relax for a few days while we take care of it for you.

*Please note we do not guarantee visas, only the French and Italian Consulates in South Africa can issue a visa and it is entirely at their discretion. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

Visas for crew in South Africa needing assistance with seaman’s visa applications with boat papers:

Found a job on a yacht while still in South Africa? We are able to assist you in South Africa with your seaman’s visa application. South African Yachties knows the seaman’s visa process inside and out for France and Italy – we can assist you in making sure you have everything for your visa application in order to avoid delays. We are able to communicate directly to your Captain, Chief Officer or Purser what exactly you need from them, and check all your documentation is correct. We are also able to submit on your behalf should you previously have had your biometrics taken. This service costs R3420 ex VAT (price excludes your visa fees at Capago and any additional costs for travel insurance, flights, etc.)

*Please note we do not guarantee visas, only the issuing country’s consulate in South Africa can issue a visa and it is entirely at their discretion. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

Please complete the form if you have a job on a sea going vessel and you require a seafarers visa